Having owned a mixed animal practice for over 20 years, Dr. Galloway is fully equipped to handle both large and small animal cases. ADCS prides itself on maintaining state of the art anesthesia, diagnostic, dental, and surgical instrumentation. Dr. Galloway has published articles and lectured on how-to incorporate Digital Dental Records, Intraoral Endoscopy, Sinoscopy, and Dental Radiology into veterinary dental practice.

Pet Parents should beware: A current marketing trend in healthcare is selling a procedure based upon equipment/instrumentation/facilities. We sometimes get asked by marketing influenced clients whether we are using “this instrument or that instrument” for a procedure, and our answer is simply, “Yes!” ADCS has current instrumentation and uses whichever instrument/technique is best for each individual patient! The real questions that pet parents (healthcare decision makers) need to be asking are: 

  • Does your instrument driver (healthcare provider) personally have the training and experience to use, or know when not to use, a piece of equipment/instrument?…Anyone can buy anything online! The training levels and experiences of Veterinary Specialist, Veterinarians, Licensed Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Assistant, and Non-veterinary Dental Care Providers vary greatly on both a professional and personal level. Meet Our Team to see who we are!
  • What is the diagnostic value of the test being recommended and how will this test change the treatment plan? A current trend in healthcare is to skip preliminary diagnostics and immediately perform advanced diagnostic procedures. While more diagnostic testing provides more information, is the additional information clinically relevant or is it of academic interest? As with instrumentation, the choice of diagnostics is often dictated by the experience level and diagnostic skill set of the individual healthcare provider. Every patient is an individual, and every case is different! Healthcare decision makers must weigh the clinical value of diagnostic recommendations against their additional expense and risk.

Small Animal Cases are seen at Animal Care Hospital in Oakland, TN.

Large Animal consultations and primary level care is often performed at the farm or stable. Equine Advanced Procedures and Surgical Cases are performed at local equine hospitals. Clients without a relationship with a local equine hospital are seen at Equine Veterinary Associates in Olive Branch, MS.