We enjoy working with primary care veterinarians on cases requiring advanced diagnostics or specialty procedures.  Our goal is to work as a veterinary team with you, providing an extension of the services that you provide for your clients.

Dental disease and concommitant systemic disease are common; therefore, we regularly treat patients classified in ASA II and III.  Please alert us to any existing health conditions, current medications, cardiac/medical consultations, and prior anesthetic response that might affect our anesthetic protocol and help us understand the overall health condition of the pet.  Prior to general anesthesia, we require that bloodwork be performed within 2 months of presentation, and we will perform an ECG on the day of the procedure.

Call or email to discuss your case!

Records and radiographs from prior dentistry/oral procedures will expedite treatment planning.  Please fax or email pertinent records!

FAX: (901) 466-3005

Go Team!


Measure twice, cut once!  We are happy to consult on cases with other veterinarians free of charge!  Email pictures and radiographs, and we can discuss treatment plan options for your patient.

Go Team!